What is DesignerSplash made of?

It consists of an 0.5mm aluminium skin sandwiched between a high density and heat resistant mineral fibre core. DesignerSplash panels are also coated with an unique high gloss metallic paint using nano technology providing a mirror-like finish.

What sizes does DesignerSplash come in?

It comes in 6 sizes:
3100mm x 1550mm
3100mm x 750mm
2100mm x 1550mm
2100mm x 750mm
900mm x 750mm
600mm x 750mm

How heavy is DesignerSplash?

DesignerSplash is only 7kgs per square metre.

How thick is the DesignerSplash panel?

The panels are 4mm thick.

Is DesignerSplash safe to be installed over new and existing sources of power?

Yes it is as long as you follow this safety procedure. PSP DesignerSplash has an aluminium face, which is conductive to electricity. In situations where there is any kind of power point, switch, light fitting or wire running behind the sheet, an earth connection must be made. PSP recommends using a crimp lug (a simple screw connector) that connects to a bonding wire which runs down the back of the sheets. They also recommend that the installation of the earthing be carried out by a registered electrician. As a minimum a registered electrician should confirm that the earthing has been correctly installed.

Can DesignerSplash be installed behind a gas hob?

Yes, it is tested and complies with NZS: 5601.1.2013.
If using behind a gas hob we do recommend a minimum distance of 110mm between the edge of the rear burner and DesignerSplash. For electrical or induction, a minimum of 30mm is recommended

Is it suitable in a bathroom?

DesignerSplash are more than just splashbacks for your kitchens, it is steam resistant and 100% waterproof making it ideal for wet areas. They can be used as a wall panelling application for shower and bathroom areas. Given the large sheet sizes, DesignerSplash can provide that grout free alternative to a tiled shower recess.

Not only is it suitable for the bathroom area, it can be installed in laundry areas too.

DesignerSplash can be installed directly on top of an existing tile wall for an express bathroom upgrade.

What's the warranty on DesignerSplash?

It comes with a 10 year warranty on the sheet, giving you piece of mind.

Can I cut or drill DesignerSplash panels myself?

Yes, you can use a jig-saw for power sockets and cut the DesignerSplash panels using a skill saw with a blade that is compatible with Aluminium.

How do I join DesignerSplash panels together?

You can butt join them or use our aluminium joiners.

What if I don’t like the exposed edge?

We supply aluminium end caps that tidy the ends up and provides that flawless finish.

How do I clean DesignerSplash?

DesignerSplash can be cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth with common household detergents. If you are unsure on the cleaning agent, apply a small amount or contact us. We do not recommend abrasive cleaning agents as it will damage the surface.